Api-San, and now Apicenna, was one of the first to enter the market for the development and production of veterinary drugs in 1991. Over the years of its sustainable development, the company has taken a big step forward - from a small laboratory to a modern Russian enterprise with its own production base, warehouse space and a product quality control department equipped with the most advanced analytical equipment.

The first drug developed and put on sale is Acaricidal Ointment Demos (1991). Now discontinued.


1996 - the production of drops on the withers of "Dana". At the moment, the modernized Dana Ultra line is being produced

Business direction

Production of veterinary medicinal products

Production of zoohygiene and treats products

Production products for the treatment of various surfaces and disinfection

Contract production

Production area

Apitcenna company has its own production site and a quality control laboratory, because one of our priorities is to constantly improve the quality of products and services.

In addition, being in the TOP-3 of Russian companies manufacturing veterinary drugs helps us attract the best employees to the company’s staff, which already has more than 200 people.


Entry into the market of Russian anthelmintic tablets Prazid.

In 2016, the Prazitsid trademark was awarded the National Product of the Year Prize in the category of Anthelmintic Products for Pets.

Product range

Over the years of research and work, our product range has been constantly replenished and currently has more than 200 items, which allows us to cover almost the entire range of problems associated with animal disease, as well as provide partners with the best price for the products.

The most demanded positions, including innovative ones, are constantly under development. Products are in high demand not only among pet owners, but also among veterinarians.


Product quality

The presence of our own quality control laboratory, excellent technical equipment of production and a modern instrument park daily help us to produce quality products.

The company's management follows international standards of activity and introduces advanced technologies that help to increase the efficiency of processes in all departments of the organization.

Apicenna company received a certificate of quality management GOST R ISO 9001-2011.
This is an international standard designed to create a unified Quality Management System at the enterprise.


In 2018, Api-San NPO LLC changed its name to Apicenna LLC and received a GMP certificate.

The presence of this certificate is an official confirmation that Apicenna LLC, in accordance with Order No. 916 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia dated 14.06.2013 “On Approving the Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice”, ensures the production of products that meets all modern requirements for pharmaceutical products.

At present, the Apicenna research and production association operates throughout Russia and 8 foreign countries - in the CIS, Ukraine, Georgia and is one of the leaders in the veterinary pharmaceutical market in Russia.

We apply the best scientific achievements and use all the company's resources to improve the health and quality of life of our smaller brothers. Veterinary products manufactured by Apitsenna LLC have been honored with the recommendations of the best veterinarians and zoo industry workers.

Among other things, Apitsenna does not forget about its social responsibility, providing assistance to animal shelters and nurseries. We support educational institutions specializing in graduating veterinarians and conduct training seminars aimed at improving literacy in the field of pets.

“An ordinary doctor treats a person, and a veterinarian treats humanity” I. P. Pavlov